JOLOG sweeping robot

Real 1000pa suction high value sweeper

APP remote control

If you are not around, you can also enable remote opening and scheduled appointments, break the time and space restrictions, and turn on cleaning whenever and wherever.

Noise reduction

Not disturbing, it is my gentleness, let the cleaning quietly, give you a quiet home environment.

Gyro navigation

UAV navigation technology combined with SLAM map algorithm, precise real-time planning of cleaning path automatic calibration to ensure clean and non-yaw.

Intelligent anti-collision anti-drop

Double anti-collision system + infrared detection, protection of the machine and home, easy to deal with complex home environment.

Tmall Elf Control

Give the sweep to the Tmall Elf control, convenient and worry-free.

Core empty tank

The water tank has a larger capacity and can meet the wet tow area of 120-150 m2, evenly seeping water, and the wet drag is more uniform.

Suction + roller brush cleaning mode

The middle sweep and the pure suction are replaced at will, and it is easy to deal with various garbage.

Intelligent recharge

Memory cleaning path and refill position, automatic recharge when the remaining 20% of power, smart and worry-free.

About us

jolog, China's high-end intelligent technology developer, intelligent robot manufacturer, smart home product service provider. Headquartered in the Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster in Hangzhou, it is a state-level high-tech enterprise. The R&D Center and Intelligent Manufacturing Center are located in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Products cover service robots, smart home controllers and other fields.



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